Seltzer crafted in Hackney, East London using small-batch vodka, sparkling water, and a healthy dose of freshly pressed fruit juice.


It all begins with an idea. A concept. A single word. Sunday.
When we embarked on this project we wanted to create a drink to celebrate a lighter lifestyle.

Music in. Laughter out. Carry on. Dance. Shout.

Developing a natural, low-calorie drinks provided the platform, the next step was to build the brand. From the beginning the perfect word to capture the lifestyle we wanted to portray was Sunday. Sunday Seltzer. Sunday vibes. The tricky part was articulating what Sunday means to us, to our brand, and to our customers.

Our design guru Kit came up with this poem which describes the Sunday lifestyle perfectly.

Sunday. Session. Celebrations.
Discover. Revel. New locations.
Treat your sweetheart. Cheer your team.
Meet an old friend or new squeeze.

Music in. Laughter out. Carry on. Dance. Shout.
Smell the roses. Scorch the weeds.
Friends and family. Parks. Seas.

Lay low. Roll deep. Work hard. Cook. Sleep.
Sip and savour. Refresh. Unwind.
Sunday Seltzer. Sunday vibes.