Cold Smoked Scottish Salmon


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Whole side, sliced
The whole side is our best experience, taking you on a tasty journey through the different gradients of texture and smokiness. It is the perfect start for any recipe. Our salmon is sustainably sourced in the UK. Hand cured and smoked in our Smokery at the Daylesford Farm and carefully wrapped in plastic-free packaging. The side is trimmed and sliced, ready to be served.

Approx. 1.2kg. Ideal for 12 to 14 people.

Tail fillet, sliced
The tail is the smokiest part of the salmon with a tender texture. The flesh is lean and full of character, the slices are smaller and high in protein. When taking your first bite, you will taste the intensity of the smoke followed by more buttery tones. Besides the tail slices, this fillet contains also intermediate slices that are bigger and more tender.

We love it with avocado and cream cheese. 400g, ideal for 4-5 smokin’ people.

Belly fillet, sliced
The belly is the most delicate part of the salmon with a buttery flavour, similar to salmon sashimi with a hint of smoke and a juicy texture. The slices will melt in your mouth leaving behind a pleasant and mild smoky flavour. Besides belly slices, you are goning to find the neck slices which are the most buttery part of the salmon.

Absolutely addictive on eggs with fresh truffle. 600g, ideal for 5-6 people.

14 days of shelf life from the production date.


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