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Kid Goat Meat Box

This box gives you a taste of the young kid goat.  We are often asked why they are expensive and although we don’t expect the premise (buying kid online is about the same kilo price as the lamb equivalent in the supermarket) it worth saying here that the kids are reared on milk powder, because the nanny goats milk is the business of the dairies and is sold, rather than consumed by the kids.  Milk powder replacer is expensive and a cost lambs don’t have as they stay with the ewes.

It was this cost, coupled with a lack of demand for the meat, that led to the euthanising of these kids. The insanity of this practice is made even more clear once you’ve tasted how delicious and versatile they are.  The selection of cuts is designed in a way to allow you to try different cooking techniques: grilling, roasting and slow cooking.

Box contains:

  • Butterflied kid leg
  • half a kid shoulder
  • 1kg kid dice
  • 2 kid racks
  • 4 kid leg steaks 

Goat Starter Box

We understand that most of the British public have never tried goat meat.  In order to change that we have a starter box.  Inside you will find

Box contains:

  • 2 x kid leg steaks (approx 400g)
  • 6 x kid chops (approx 600g)
  • 500g x goat dice
  • 500g x goat mince
  • pack of goat burgers (400g)

Ex-Dairy Goat Box

In this box the ex-dairy goat is the star.  For too long these goats have been considered ‘only good for curry’ and while they do excel in curry, they are more than that.  In this box you have everything you need to appreciate how tasty they can be.

Box contains:

  • Half an ex-dairy shoulder
  • 10 ex-dairy chops
  • 1kg dice goat
  • 1kg dice on the bone
  • 1kg mince goat

Goat BBQ Box

A short cut if you are planning a cookout. A butterflied leg, good for a marinade and a quick cook over the coals. Chops for the grill, mince to make your own burgers, kebabs or kofte and a bone in shoulder if you are going for some ‘low ‘n slow’ in the smoker.  We’ve also thrown in some of our own sausages and burgers.

Box contains:

  • 1 butterflied kid Leg
  • 1 kid shoulder
  • 8 x kid Chops
  • 1kg goat Mince
  • 1kg goat dice
  • 1 pack burgers
  • 1 x pack sausages

Please note all meat is sent frozen and is suitable for home freezing‌.

On occasion if we have run out of a product we will substitute for another, e.g  sausages for burgers  

Slow Cook Goat Box

This box has everything you need for ‘Low and Slow’.

Mince for a ragu or a keema. Diced goat, perfect for curry goat.  A bone in kid shoulder for a smoke in the Big Green Egg or a 5 hour braise in the oven until its falling off the bone, and kid leg steaks for a cassoulet or a classic osso buco. 

Box Includes:

  • 5kg goat Mince
  • 5kg goat Dice
  • 1 Kid shoulder
  • 2 kid leg steaks
  • 1kg goat dice on the bone
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