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Attilus is the name that gourmands and caviar connoisseurs recognise as one of the world’s finest caviar producers. We take great pride in raising the finest sturgeon in the world in a fashion that is both sustainable and ecologically-friendly. Just as the quality of a fine wine begins in the vines, so the well-being of our sturgeon determines the mouth-watering quality of our exquisite range of caviars. 

Royal Siberian Caviar

Sometimes called baerii caviar, is produced by Siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii). Siberian is a fine-grained caviar recognised for its pure, elegant flavour and exquisite length which is both fine and clear. Colours range from black/grey all the way to black/brown tones. Attilus Royal Siberian caviar is Malossol which means ‘lightly salted’, salt content being less than 4%.

Royal Oscietra Caviar

From the Russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstadtii) is renowned for its excellent egg quality. The medium-sized grain of this caviar has a slightly nutty flavour with a mellow length that lingers beautifully on the palate. Colours may range from dark grey and dark olive green to golden brown tones. Attilus Royal Oscietra caviar is Malossol which literally means ‘lightly salted’, salt content being less than 4%.

Attilus Beluga Caviar

From the Huso Huso sturgeon is renowned for its excellent egg quality and taste.

The eggs are light to dark grey in colour and have a fine creamy taste. Beluga Caviar has the largest egg (normally 3 – 3.5mm in diameter but may range) and is the most sought after type of sturgeon caviars.

Attilus Caviar Tasting Selection

The perfect introduction to our delicate, delicious Royal Siberian and Royal Oscietra caviars. Contains 60g of each caviar.

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